Thursday, December 26, 2013

Art Blog: Perfect Life

About a month ago, I put a sign up on my refrigerator. It said simply: PERFECT LIFE. I wondered what my perfect life could be. I was not thinking in terms of winning the lottery or becoming famous. I was just thinking about how my life as it stands now could become more perfect.

Just like you, I have dreams and desires. My life isn't all that bad, but it sure isn't perfect. I have been very introspective this past year of 2013. I am willing to admit, a lot of the imperfection is due to my own lack of energy. I tend to procrastinate. I also suffer from something called "Mission Drift". That is when you know what your goals are but let them go for one reason or another. For me it is like an attention deficit. I can start something (a project, painting series, or any kind of goal), then something comes along and grabs my attention. All of a sudden, I want to do THAT. All my previous goals and missions fall into the trail of dust. This is my own fault. Thankfully, I realize this now. So my new plan of action is to really concentrate on just a few goals. No matter what happens, I need to focus on just those goals. What goals? That is the question that brings us back to the desire for my PERFECT LIFE.

I can't describe in detail what I want to happen in the next year. I can't tell you because I really don't know myself. This is why I am starting a new journal on New Year's day. To prepare, I have started a list of "IMAGININGS". Imaginings are all the things I imagine myself doing to be happier, but don't do them. For example, I can see myself painting down by the bay. I can see myself riding my bicycle all around St. Petersburg. I can see myself working with kids to help them appreciate ART. Obviously, one of my new goals for 2014 is to stop SEEING and turn it into DOING.

This is a start to the perfect life I really want to live.
So what do you need to do to have your own: