Sunday, January 19, 2014

Art Blog: Who Are You?

Who are you? I am serious. WHO ARE YOU? Are you your job? Are you your family? Are you your friends? Are you the money you make? Are you the car you drive? Who?

There shouldn't be a person who reads this who doesn't relate in some way. The second year anniversary of quitting my long time day job is this week. I remember years ago wanting to quit, but I didn't have the nerve. It was safe. I finally got the nerve to make a move in January of 2012. It was like diving off a cliff. In fact, I am still in free fall. I don't regret leaving. I just wish I had a clearer picture of what was going to happen next. Unlike when I worked the same job every day, now, I have no idea what tomorrow or next week will bring. There is no predictable routine. There are lots of surprises.

It sure hasn't been easy. I wanted to experience other things. I wanted to spend more time with my art. I wanted to take a while to figure out what I want to do next. I wanted to really find out who I am. This 24 month experience has been interesting, but at times brutally painful. It has been like walking on an icy sidewalk. Just when I feel like I am getting traction, I fall on my behind. On the positive side, I have much more freedom. I have learned what having faith and trust in the UNIVERSE really is. Something must be working because I am still here and managing to keep my head just about the water.

My main objective has been to find out who I am without the perks and regiment of the "daily grind". Over the years, I have felt I have lost myself. This sabbatical has helped me discover things about my art life I would never have known. It has given me time to think about things in new ways. Taking away the cushions in my life has made me sit in an uncomfortable seat, but it has also given me moments of clarity. Just recently, I have had a number of experiences when I felt such joy. I felt like the real ME. In fact, I actually thought, that is SHEREE. I experienced my authentic self and most importantly, I recognized it!

At times, we all feel lost in the journey of life. We need a loud voice to wake us up. We have to do the work even if it causes discomfort. If we allow ourselves to learn to cope in new ways, it can be a great thing. Living in the now is a skill. There will always be challenges, but this is part of our life job. We have to do the work to find out who we really are.
Do you know WHO YOU ARE?

Acrylic on Wood
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