Thursday, January 9, 2014

Art Blog: Your VIBE

I have never been able to figure it out. This has been happening to me for decades. I am not a traditional woman. I really don't have that maternal thing. I couldn't care less about having grandchildren. It just isn't my thing. I really love teaching though. My happiest moments are when I see a kid look at me with a "light bulb moment" expression. They finally get it. Yet, this post is more about why kids react more positively to some people.

Way back when even before I had a daughter, kids seemed to love me. I mean it was weird. I never wanted to be a mother or have a desire to be around kids. Yet, I would be walking in the mall and little kids would glom onto me like I was a cartoon character walking around Disney World. I didn't even have to have a costume. Their eyes would fix on me and then they would grab me by the leg. It happened all too often. While shaking my leg to get them off, I would ask their Mom or Dad to deal with it. I never had a clue why this was happening.

This phenomenon has never diminished. It still happens to this day. Currently, I am subbing at various schools to make money to support my art. It doesn't even matter if I have taught a kid. They still swarm me like they are bees on a field of flowers. Just today, a wonderful little special ed student who I don't even know, saw me leaving for the day. She ran so fast and hugged me so hard. Then she kept pointing at me asking "What is this?", my necklace; "What is this? That is my South American jacket; "What is this?" Those are my little, Chinese Mary Jane shoes! As I tried to move on, I wondered what is it that attracts kids to me.

It just has to be my VIBE. When I look at them I smile big. I speak to them, just like I would speak to you. Being so short in stature helps too. Kids can't figure out why an old lady is so short. I look them in the eye and they like that. All my colorful clothes and multicultural accessories are a big asset. Kids love color and feel the universal appeal of cultural artifacts. They don't have to study art history. They feel it in their bones.

Long story shorter, I have been working with the same students for the past month. Tomorrow will be my last day with them. I am more than sad. I know I will miss them. I told them I am moving on today. I saw tears. It was like a stab in the heart. We all have to do what we need to do. So why have we all bonded? It is our VIBE. They know I love them. They know I care about them. They know we can have a better life through learning, but having a fun time. They know Ms. Rensel wants the best for them because of her VIBE and because I have a wild, crazy love for their lives and their future. This is why I am a kid magnet.
What VIBE do you send out in your life?

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artjas said...

Interesting Post. I have followed your blog for some time (a few years). Although we have never met and our art life is different, I look forward to your post and when you don't post for a while, I do miss them. I finally understand why--Your Vibe. You do have a way of connecting.