Friday, February 21, 2014

Art Blog: Stay HUNGRY

If you live a long artist's life, there will come a time when you might feel like you have seen and done it all. At some point early on, hopefully, you have signs of success. You are on the right track. Your future is bright. Then, time starts wearing you down. You love the success you have felt, but then, you need to keep being creative. If you stray from your original ideas and work, it might be the end of success. At least, you have to find a new audience for your new and different work.

I watched a documentary about Jimi Hendrix, "Hear My Train A-Coming" , on PBS this week. It shook my bones to the core. Unfortunately, Jimi Hendrix did not live a long life, but he lived long enough to understand what being an artist means. When I watched, I was reminded about creativity at the genius level. There is nobody who can compare to Jimi. Simply, he was unique. Jimi was left handed and he used guitars making accommodations. However, he also could take at normally strung guitar, flip it upside down, and play. He had to play mentally backwards. This is like "Big Bang" genius. Can you imagine the brain cells required to do this? He was one of a kind for sure.

The thing that struck me most while I watched his story is how he had unfettered motivation during his brief, but spectacular, creative career. He had a mission. He didn't waiver. He just kept working, practicing, and stayed focused. In fact, some of the commentators in the documentary mentioned how devoted he was to his art. One said that Jimi had his guitar with him all the time. He even put it on before he left the bedroom in the morning. He was that driven. This news made me drool. I would love to be that dedicated to my own art. I can see myself making breakfast with paintbrushes in my hand.

In one scene in the video, an interviewer asks him why he changes the way he plays some early songs differently during concerts. Some fans don't like the change. He responded directly. He said artists need to create and even if they have a familiar hit, artists want to improve, improvise, and extend the original. He continued by adding
"Artist need to stay hungry." .

I agree.

Click pic for more info about this wonderful documentary.

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