Thursday, April 17, 2014

Art Blog: Renewal

On my 13th birthday, my father bought me my first oil painting set. He knew. My art genes came from him. Despite my Catholic upbringing, I felt this was kind of like my Bat Mitzvah. It was my coming of age. I was a true artist with a box of REAL paints. The first paintings I painted were terrible and very cliché. My first work was of a clown. I went on to paint many Jesus paintings, copied masterworks, and I remember a ballerina that was so stiff looking, she could have been made out of wood. I remember one of cat eyes. Actually, that was a cool painting. I painted the eyes very detailed, but let turpentine and linseed oil drip all over it. It was kind of progressive. I don't even like cats!!! LOL None of that mattered. I was an artist. I was a real artist.

My art life was good then. I didn't know about the trials and tribulations of being an artist. I just painted. I would paint and give all my work away to admiring friends. I have no photos because I didn't see the need for documentation. I just wanted to make art and did just that.

Then, I became a college art student. This is when it started getting complicated. Every college student needs to learn art history. I am of the era in which Janson's "History of Art" was the bible.

Even back then, I realized how sexist, racist, and ethnocentric that book was. However, it was all we had back then. Consequently, my foundation of art history knowledge was based on the work of bunches of European white men. I knew that was all wrong, but I had to go with the flow.

At least, I had that verve and energy to make my own art. Back then, I was taught art was so special and sacred. I believed that and still do. However, times have changed. I have changed. Longevity has taken a toll on me. Technology has brought on a new dynamic. It seems everyone is an "artist" now. I have changed too. I don't have that youthful enthusiasm anymore. I wish I did.

Needing to get that "feeling" back, I have thought of many things to give me a kick of art energy. I need to renew my Florida teaching certificates next year, so I have to take a class or two for credits. It dawned on me. I can do two things at once. I will get my credits, but I will hit myself up with a shot of art adrenaline too! I signed up for a basic art appreciation class. I did this on purpose. I want to go back to the time when I knew nothing. I want it all to be new again. I need a spiritual revival! I just got my textbook and it is fabulous. It seems well rounded, up to date, and inclusive. It is fresh. That is what I need, a FRESH start.

I will proceed with an open mind.
I will proceed with an open heart.
I will proceed.


artjas said...

We all seem to go through periods like this. I have. Taking an objective look back on our "Artist Life" is a good thing. Like an ocean our creative life can be very deep or shallow. Going back to basics can be a good thing.

JafaBrit's Art said...

sounds exciting but yes, these fallow periods or lack of enthusiasm is scary.