Thursday, July 24, 2014


I am 100% serious. I want opinions. I especially want the viewpoints of artists. I have this art concept idea. I have been thinking about it for months. I have already titled it. It will be called "9-22 Project". It has to do with finding out what my neighbors think about art. I live in a low/middlish class neighborhood in my city. Nobody really knows I am an artist. In fact, my next door neighbor was shocked to find me in my studio recently. She didn't know what to think. The weirdest part is I could see on her face she had no clue why I would do the stuff I do. Nobody talks to anybody around here. We all just live on this street.

Months ago, a mayoral candidate came to my door and we talked. ART is a hot topic in the downtown area of the city. However, the general populous is not very well informed about the arts or culture. One thing I said to him was "People in this area of the city have no idea about art. I doubt they have any art in their homes!". He listened and then left. After he was gone, I started thinking. I have no idea what my neighbors do or think about art. I just said that on a hunch. That got me thinking.

What do my neighbors really think about art?
What is their perspective or thoughts?

I decided to create the "9-22 PROJECT". I would like to send a snail mail letter to everyone in the 1.5 mile stretch of my street and ask them about ART. My current idea is to ask them to take a photo of the most artistic thing in their homes. They don't have to tell me their name. They don't have to tell me their address. I just want them to email me a photo of any "art" in their home. From this, I want to create new art in response to their art "inspirations".

After that, who knows. I haven't gotten that far yet. An exhibition? What if I actually met the people who sent me photos of their concept of art? That right there blows my mind.

This is why I have my hand out to artists.
What is positive and the drawbacks to this kind of art project.
I want your opinions.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Art Blog: See the FIRE

Artists know. Any and every life experience could be potential fodder for inspiration. Sometimes it is a surprise when something will trigger an epiphany. Those "a-ha" moments can come anytime, anywhere. I had a huge revelation last night during an very unexpected moment.

This crazy insight was a total shock. I was tired and frustrated. I am struggling with my art right now in a way that has not been rivaled in my over 30 years as an artist. The past year has been comprised of making stuff, throwing it away, painting over it, or keeping it and hating every time I look at the finished work. I have been trying to figure out what is wrong. It became clear as day last night. As I laid on the couch flipping through the channels, there was nothing of interest to watch. Rather than turn off the TV, I settled on a VH1 program called "Behind the Music". This episode was about the musician/songwriter/producer, Linda Perry. After a few minutes I was hooked. Just the way she looked drew me into a world of awe.

The bio show was terrific. Then it ended. It was followed by a show called "Make or Break: Linda Perry Project". I didn't change the channel. I didn't feel like looking for the remote. So I watched. This is a kind of off the beaten path version of an "American Idol" type show. Linda found musicians around the country and wanted to mold them. Ultimately, the prize will be a contract with Linda Perry's record label. OK, whatever.

The show started and of course, there were bunches of young musical brats running around a mansion prepping for the showdown. Ms. Perry would call each into her studio for a type of initial audition/debriefing. One of the first young things was a man from the NY subway. He would play for his food. He was a really great musician and singer. However as he sang in front of the mic, Linda kept yelling "FIRE, FIRE, I want to hear the FIRE". The look on this young guy's face was heartbreaking, yet informative. He sang great. He sang what he knew. He just sang what was familiar to his heart and boring for the rest of us. That's it. Linda Perry recognized this. She saw his potential.
She wanted MORE.

As I watched this kid struggle, I got it! I watched him sing the same old songs as he looked down at the floor. It was almost as if he was going through some kind of rote maneuvers. I bolted up from the couch. This is what I am doing too. I am painting verbatim. I am making art in some kind of rote memorized way. I am not giving anybody the FIRE.

I need to get a lighter.
Thank you LINDA PERRY.

Thank you Linda Perry!
Click pic to find out more about this great show!