Saturday, November 12, 2016

Art Blog: A Tear Finally Fell

Sometimes on television, you hear people describe how some people react when given bad news. If they don't fly into hysterics or fall to the floor, they are deemed unfeeling or have some kind of emotional defect. I thought of that the other day when bad news spread far and wide around our country. I was shocked, but I wasn't shocked. Emotionally, I turned to stone. Since I had a far less than perfect childhood, I learned at a very early age to thrive on crisis. Everything inside me would shut down and I would cope by making art or being creative usually all alone in some back room or basement.

This week, I reacted the same way. I just kept thinking "Go make art! Go make art!" It was not because I was inspired as much as this was the mechanism which helps me to stay sane in dire times. However, it bothered me I didn't cry. I have been a crier in my life. Show me a pet shelter commercial and I am wailing. The events of this past week were extremely important to me. Just like millions of people, I wanted and envisioned this new reality. When I saw it would be delayed, I went numb and never shed a tear. Still like others, I feel this deeply. However, I just hid inside my own head.

I have avoided all things related to the event. I will not name names. I will not read news stories. I will be aware, but not acknowledge people involved. I have unfollowed, unsubscribed, or blocked anything that will remind me of what just happened. I don't want to read anymore rants or propaganda. However yesterday, I saw a headline that said something like "Chelsea Breaks down, blah blah blah". At first, I laughed. These click bait headlines are getting out of hand. The words didn't make sense. Chelsea Handler is one tough cookie. I had to see what this was about and why they wrote that headline. Chelsea had invited Senator Barbara Boxer on the show to discuss what just happened. As I watched and listened, I started to cry.

Finally, tears were shed.

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